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Matrimonial Costs

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Initial appointment - we offer an initial 30 minutes free appointment to assess your requirements.


Fixed fee – We are able to offer a fixed fee where both parties are in agreement that the relationship has broken down.

Petitioner (the person who starts the divorce procedure) If we are instructed by the Petitioner our costs will be between £600.00 and £800.00 plus VAT and this will depend upon the ‘reason’ for the divorce and a fixed fee will be agreed at the initial appointment. The Court fee is £550.00 and this is often divided between the parties.

This fee is on the basis that the spouse (the Respondent) does not object to the divorce of the contents of the divorce Petition.

Our fee will include all of the paperwork required from starting the process to obtaining a Decree Absolute (the formal ending of the marriage).

Our fee will not include additional work required if your spouse fails to cooperate.

This fee is for the legal work for the divorce itself and does not include fees for such as assisting with the division of financial assets.

If we are instructed by the Respondent we offer a fixed fee of £250.00 plus VAT to attend to the necessary paperwork.

Financial matters

Agreed financial division – Where matters have been agreed and we are instructed to ensure that the agreement is recorded with the Court in the necessary format, our fees will be £600.00 plus VAT. There is a Court fee of £50.00.

Significantly-agreed financial division which requires our assistance to conclude and where a full agreement can be reached swiftly then our fees will be in the region of £600.00 to £2,000.00 plus VAT. There is a Court fee of £50.00

Financial division which can not be agreed – If financial proceedings are issued at Court, the Court will set an initial hearing (the First Appointment). This hearing is to encourage parties to settle prior to a full hearing. If matters can be concluded at this stage, our fees are in the region of £2,000.00 to £3,000.00 plus VAT. A barrister is usually instructed to assist at the first hearing and their fees are usually in the range of £700.00 to £1,000.00 plus vat. We are able to conclude a majority of our matters at this stage.

If matters are not resolved at the first Appointment, our fees will be in the region of an additional £8,000.00 to £9,000.00 plus VAT if matters are brought to a Final Hearing and this includes the compliance with the directions ordered by the Court at the First Appointment and any further hearings prior to the Final Hearing. Again, it is likely that a barrister will be instructed to assist you in any Court hearings (fee as before).

Mediation of Financial Matters

This is an alternative to Court proceedings and is to be encouraged. Our usual costs will be between £1,000.00 and £1,500.00 plus VAT plus the mediators fees (whose fees are normally shared between the parties and depend upon the complexity et cetera). Such matters are normally concluded within three and four months.


We encourage clients to collate all the necessary documentation which we can then disclose in the required format.

We also review the costs estimate as the matter progresses and update as best possible.

Your Will

In the absence of a will even though a couple may have separated then the assets of the first to die may well pass to the surviving spouse (rather than eg to the parties children).

We therefore recommend that a will be drawn to ensure wishes are clearly expressed.

Such a document can normally be prepared immediately following the receipt of instructions and will generally be signed shortly thereafter. Our costs will be between £175.00 and £250.00 plus VAT.


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